Content marketing and copy writing

Writing and messaging strategies that get results.

Putting your business into words is a challenge. Putting your business into words that make sales, educate your audience and mesh with search engine rules is another thing.

When you know exactly what you do, but you just can't put it into the right words – call the experts.

Mash Media's professional writers and editors will work with you to finely tune your website content, your copy, your advertisements, your press releases and more.

We take a simple, powerful approach that goes to the heart of clear written communication:

  • What do you need to say?
  • Who must you say it to?
  • How should you say it?
  • What results do you need?

From that base we can build an entire strategy and content schedule. As messaging experts, Mash Media's writing team can endlessly alter their styles to ensure the published version is on-brand and sounds just like your business ... but better.

Your copywriting will be optimised to make sales or inform your audience. Your blogs and content marketing will be written to catch reader attention and get shared. Your SEO content will include keywords at the right places, densities and variations without sounding unnatural.

Further, with backgrounds in ad agencies, journalism and publishing, Mash's writing team can quickly write and accurately edit all traditional printed media: from fliers, to feature articles, to entire books.

In search, Google and the others are still overwhelmingly text based. Getting the words right is crucial.

Content marketing has risen to become is one of the hottest new developments in digital marketing. It engages users and search engines simultaneously.

The Mash team includes degree-qualified writing professionals with years of experience in different traditional and digital mediums.

Get it right in writing. Talk to – or write to – Mash media today. or 1300 00 MASH (6274)

Content and copy writing today

Most of what gets written today is digital. Moving from blank page to webpage has changed the way we read and write. For digital marketing, it means writing has matured into five disciplines. With skills and experience in each, Mash Media can deliver you the results your business deserves in:

  • Web copy – filling your website with all the information your clients and prospects want and need about your business.
  • SEO – optimising what your business says about itself to match what search engines are looking for.
  • Content writing – creating shareable and interesting articles, blogs and webpages to tell the story of your brand and maintain a current and relevant site ranking.
  • Copywriting – crafting advertising messaging to masterfully exploit the new forms available online.
  • EDM – engineering electronic direct mail and landing pages that get noticed, get clicked on and get traffic.

How do you bring them all together in a unified strategy that stays laser-focused on ROI and your business goals? That's where Mash Media's proven track record of overall campaign management comes in. Simply, you'll get the answers in writing.

Content is key

Broadly, content is what customers can see and read about your business. It starts the conversations they want to have with you, gives them the information to make knowledgeable choices and the reasons to become followers and fans.

Content gets their attention. It keeps their interest. It gives them the confidence to do business with you.

It is crucial your content is correct and relevant everywhere your customer can find you, including:

  • Search engines
  • Websites
  • Press advertising
  • Broadcast radio and TV
  • Brochures, direct mail
  • Signs, fliers and posters
  • Directory sites.

Mash Media will craft compelling content to persuade and educate your audience. Wherever they see it, they'll see the right message.