Search Engine Marketing and Adwords management

Making AdWords work for you.

The front page of Google is the only page that matters. Every business knows it. And there's more than one way to get there.

Mash Media's team of Australian AdWords specialists will work with you to strategise and reverse engineer a campaign that will boost your Google ranking towards Page 1.

A Mash Media strategy will hit your business goals and manage your budget to increase advertising ROI, plus integrate pay-per-click and search engine marketing into your overall marketing plan.

The usual set-and-forget models of AdWords management that focus on lowest cost-per-click are obsolete. The field has moved on, your competition has become smarter.

Today, real search engine marketing results only come from innovative and responsive strategies, not a race to the bottom.

Mash Media will maximise the impact of your marketing budget through careful AdWords cost-per-click bidding strategies.

A campaign optimised for conversion ensures you will maximise return on investment and lead generation.

Your AdWords campaign will be tracked by an expert each day and updated responsively.

Capture the sales you've been missing with a Mash Media digital display and remarketing strategy.

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Making AdWords work for you.

Google's Page 1 – it's where you must be. A Google AdWords strategy is how your business can secure and control its Page 1 positioning for your keywords.

We can do this because Mash Media's Adwords specialists stay up to date on the latest knowledge and know-how to ensure your campaign brings the maximum ROI.

Focusing on:

  • Creating keyword groups that closely match a customer's search query.
  • Keeping the keyword list fresh through continuous keyword research.
  • Writing ad copy that grabs attention and drives traffic to your site.

Keyword relevance counts

How closely your AdWords bid strategy matches the search terms your ideal customers use is the central measure of AdWords effectiveness.

How to maximise effectiveness within your budget is the where the true skill of an AdWords expert comes in. Mash Media's team will sharpen each deliverable and trim away any wasted effort or expense.

The result: squeezing every budget dollar to connect your business to your best new customers. It means impact, efficiently.

Pay Per Click positioning

A good AdWords strategy will pull your ideal prospective clients into your sales funnel. But first they must see you. The position of your ad in Google search results is based on your pay-per-click (PPC) bid and your site's quality score. In terms of Google's quality assessments, the most important factor is 'relevance': how the information on your site matches what the user wants.

For Google, the user is king. Giving them what they want more accurately and faster than any other search service is why Google dominates the field. It means businesses simply cannot buy traffic, only encourage it by promoting information their clients really want. In other words, AdWords!

Making AdWords easy

Most people don't know that with the right insights and approach, Google AdWords is actually easy. Do it right and it's a stress-free way to instantly boost website visibility. When AdWords works, site traffic flows.

Our AdWords consultants in your capital city are there to guide you. Or, if you have just begun, Mash Media will assess your existing AdWords campaign – free.